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Since the ballasts are placed in the light fixture, they are larger and last longer compared to the integrated ones, and they don't need to be replaced when the tube reaches its end-of-life. [13], Volume was an issue in CFL development, since the fluorescent lamps had to fit in the same volume as comparable incandescent lamps. [12] In 1985, Osram started selling its model EL lamp, which was the first CFL to include an electronic ballast. "Low-energy light-bulb" redirects here. Safe disposal requires storing the bulbs unbroken until they can be processed. The ballast of fluorescent lamps can make a buzzing sound. [13], In 1995, helical CFLs, manufactured in China by Shanghai Xiangshan, became commercially available. A fluorescent lamp is a type of discharge lamp that has low pressure; discharges the mercury vapor gas and employs the phenomena of fluorescence to produce visible light. In the U.S., lighting manufacturer members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) have voluntarily capped the amount of mercury used in CFLs. [45] However, frequent on-off cycling (turning on and off) of CFLs greatly reduces their lifespan. [97], In the United Kingdom, a similar program is run by the Energy Saving Trust to identify lighting products that meet energy conservation and performance guidelines.[98]. As of 2009[update], CFLs turn on within a second, but many still take time to achieve full brightness. The intent of the program is to reduce consumer concerns due to variable quality of products. Dimmable white LED bulbs are available. Compact Fluorescent Lamps are miniaturized fluorescent lamps that usually have premium phosphors which often come packaged with integral or modular ballast, as shown in the image below. It is filled with an inert gas typically argon which acts as conductor and also consists of mercury liquid. Integrated CFLs work well in many standard incandescent light fixtures, reducing the cost of converting to fluorescent. Color temperature can be indicated in kelvins or mireds (1 million divided by the color temperature in kelvins). Text--Keep Fluorescent lamps out of the trash. A compact fluorescent lamp is a type of fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent lamp. [86] Despite following EPA best-practice clean-up guidelines on broken CFLs, researchers were unable to remove mercury from carpet, and agitation of the carpet — such as by young children playing — created localized concentrations as high as 0.025 mg/m3 in air close to the carpet, even weeks after the initial breakage. The EPA and the Maine DEP recommend a sealed glass jar as the best repository for a broken bulb.[88]. Good quality consumer CFLs use three or four phosphors to achieve a "white" light with a color rendering index (CRI) of about 80, where the maximum 100 represents the appearance of colors under daylight or other sources of black-body radiation such as an incandescent light bulb (depending on the correlated color temperature). [31], Fluorescent lamps get dimmer over their lifetime,[32] so what starts out as an adequate luminosity may become inadequate. 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The problem can come from improper disposal. As a result of decreasing cost and better features, customers increasingly migrated toward LEDs. In areas with coal-fired power stations, the use of CFLs saves on mercury emissions when compared to the use of incandescent bulbs. ", "GE Lighting Frequently Asked Questions — Compact Fluorescent (CFL): 4. While it sounds like a promising idea, it turns out that the long-lasting, swirl-shaped light bulbs known as, Post the Definition of compact fluorescent lamp to Facebook, Share the Definition of compact fluorescent lamp on Twitter, Words From 1921: 100 Years Old and Still Around, The Difference Between 'Libel' and 'Liable', 'Talented': That Vile and Barbarous Vocable. Noun . [16] LED prices fell well below US$5 for a basic bulb in 2015. These countries have established special collection systems for CFLs and other hazardous waste. In the United States, most states have adopted and currently implement the federal Universal Waste Rule (UWR). Define Fluorescent Tubes and Bulbs. A typical Fluorescent lamp consists of a glass tube coated with phosphor and containing a pair of electrodes at each end. The light output decay is exponential, with the fastest losses being soon after the lamp is first used. The graph assumes that CFLs last an average of 8,000 hours regardless of manufacturer and premature breakage. CFLs have two main components: a magnetic or electronic ballast and a gas-filled tube (also called bulb or burner). Replacement of magnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts has removed most of the flickering and slow starting traditionally associated with fluorescent lighting, and has allowed the development of smaller lamps directly interchangeable with more sizes of incandescent light bulb. For other low-energy bulbs, see, "Energy efficient lighting" redirects here. In areas where coal is not used to produce energy, the emissions would be less for both types of bulb. [15], The rise of LED lighting, however, significantly affected CFL sales and production. This is due to the reduced electrical power demand, reducing in turn the amount of mercury released by coal as it is burned. The principle of operation remains the same as in other fluorescent lighting: electrons that are bound to mercury atoms are excited to states where they will radiate ultraviolet light as they return to a lower energy level; this emitted ultraviolet light is converted into visible light as it strikes the fluorescent coating (as well as into heat when absorbed by other materials such as glass). [81] In the EU the same cap is required by the RoHS law. [18] Current recommendations for fully enclosed, unventilated light fixtures (such as those recessed into insulated ceilings), are either to use "reflector CFLs" (R-CFL),[19][20] cold-cathode CFLs or to replace such fixtures with those designed for CFLs. A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), is a type of lamp (or light bulb) designed to fit into the same space and usually also the same socket as an incandescent bulb, but with the advantages of a fluorescent lamp. [30] So, presuming the illumination provided by the lamp was ample at the beginning of its life, and the light output of a bulb gradually decreases by 25%, viewers will perceive a much smaller change in light intensity. For the home user, this presents no problems. In Winnipeg, Canada, it was estimated that CFLs would only generate 17% savings in energy compared to incandescent bulbs, as opposed to the 75% savings that could have been expected without space heating considerations. California Lamp Report 2000 Volume 2 3 Halogen bulb sales have also grown substantially as a result of heavy promotion by manufacturers. The light produced by some single-envelope CFLs at distances of less than 20 cm (7.9 in) could lead to ultraviolet exposures approaching the current workplace limit set to protect workers from skin and retinal damage. "Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Key Product Criteria : ENERGY STAR", "Coming to Terms with Energy Efficiency and the Environment", "Why does my compact fluorescent light bulb flicker or appear dim when I first turn it on? CFLs are extremely cost-effective in commercial buildings when used to replace incandescent lamps. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are guaranteed for 8,000 hours. [17] In early 2016, General Electric announced the phase out of CFL production in the US. Compact Fluorescent Lamps. [citation needed] The phosphor coating in spiral CFLs is uneven, being thicker at the bottom than at the top, owing to the effect of gravity during the coating process. The G24 (624Q2) and GU24 socket systems were designed to replace the traditional lamp sockets, so that incandescent bulbs are not installed in fixtures intended for energy efficient lamps only. [5], The parent to the modern fluorescent lamp was invented in the late 1890s by Peter Cooper Hewitt. The power factor of CFLs does not significantly affect their energy-saving benefits for individual consumers, but their use in large numbers—such as in commercial applications or across millions of homes in a distribution system—could require infrastructure upgrades. Efforts range from publicity to encourage awareness, to direct handouts of CFLs to the public. This was based on the average rate of mercury emission for U.S. electricity production and average estimated escape of mercury from a CFL put into a landfill. DC CFLs are popular for use in recreational vehicles and off-the-grid housing. [57] Above 80%, the bulb may operate at 100%. Contact your local household hazardous waste agency. [89] Several states, including Vermont, New Hampshire, California, Minnesota, New York, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island, have regulations that are more stringent than the federal UWR. [96] Those CFLs with a recent Energy Star certification start in less than one second and do not flicker. [60][61][62], Electronic devices operated by infrared remote control can interpret the infrared light emitted by CFLs as a signal; this may limit the use of CFLs near televisions, radios, remote controls, or mobile phones. Hybrid lamps, combining a halogen lamp with a CFL, are available where warm up time is unacceptable. [40] Since CFLs use much less energy than incandescent lamps (ILs), a phase-out of ILs would result in less carbon dioxide (CO2) being emitted into the atmosphere. This electromagnetically induced acoustic noise comes from the vibration of the magnetic core of the ballast subject to electromagnetic forces. General Electric had considered changing one of its bulb plants to make CFLs, but said that even after a $40 million investment in converting a plant, wage differences would mean costs would be 50% higher. Accessed 6 Jan. 2021. [48] Equivalent wattage claims can be replaced by comparison of actual light output produced by the lamp, which is measured in lumens and marked on the packaging. [39] Replacing all inefficient lighting with CFLs would save 409 terawatt-hours (1.47 exajoules) per year, 2.5% of the world's electricity consumption. MASTER PL-T is an efficient compact fluorescent lamp, typically used in general downlights for retail, hospitality and office applications demanding higher lighting levels. [11] It was based on the SL1000 prototype from 1976. Compact fluorescent lamps are now available in the same popular sizes as incandescents and are used as an energy-saving alternative in homes. Since the resonant converter tends to stabilize lamp current (and light produced) over a range of input voltages, standard CFLs do not respond well in dimming applications and will experience a shorter lifespan and sometimes catastrophic failure. [58][59] The use of CFLs in homes has no appreciable effect on power quality, but significant quantities of them in a large facility can have an impact. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. However, in cooler climates in which buildings require heating, the heating system needs to replace the reduced heat from lighting fixtures. [38], Because of their higher efficacy, CFLs use between one-seventh and one-third of the power of equivalent incandescent lamps. The adapter consists of a regular bulb screw, the ballast itself and a clip for the lamp's connector. In the United States and Canada, the Energy Star program labels lamps that meet a set of standards for efficiency, starting time, life expectancy, color, and consistency of performance. Neutral white (3500 K) is becoming popular for office and retail use. There seems to be more variability within bulb types than between them, but the best option is shielded CFLs. Define fluorescent lamp. Savings are greater and payback periods shorter in regions with higher electric rates and, to a lesser extent, also in regions with higher than U.S. average cooling requirements. [68] Some CFLs are marketed as "instant on" and have no noticeable warm-up period,[69] but others can take up to a minute to reach full brightness,[70] or longer in very cold temperatures. Reg. The US Energy Star program suggests that fluorescent lamps be left on when leaving a room for less than 15 minutes to mitigate this problem. CFLs emit light from a mix of phosphors, each emitting one band of color with some bands still in the ultraviolet range as can be seen on the light spectrum. 10W LED 2G11 4-Pin Base PL Lamp Lustaled 120V Daylight 6000K 18W Compact Fluorescent Lamp Equivalent Bulb Lamp for Pendant Lamps Ceiling Lights Desk Lamps (Remove or Bypass Ballast, 2-Pack) 4.1 out of 5 stars 16. Created as a more energy-efficient option for conventional incandescent applications, CFLs screw into a medium base socket and utilize a spiral design – as opposed to a long tube – making it "compact." However, recent products have solved these problems so that they perform more like incandescent lamps. They were first proposed by General Electric, who saw difficulties bending glass tubes into spirals using automated machinery. For those with skin sensitivity long term indoor exposure may be a concern, in which case they may want to use a bulb with lower UV radiation output. Definition of compact fluorescent lamp. In particular, narrow bands of shorter-wavelength radiation are usually present even for lamps of low color temperature ("warm" light).[22]. Their main advantage is much simpler driving circuitry. Many CFLs can directly replace an existing incandescent lamp. [27], The life of a CFL is significantly shorter if it is turned on and off frequently. The incoming AC current is first rectified to DC, then converted to high frequency AC by the transistors, connected as a resonant series DC to AC inverter. At closer distances, comparisons show that CFLs emit less UVA (long wavelength) radiation than incandescent light bulbs. 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For example, Sylvania's Daylight CFLs have a color temperature of 3500 K, while most other lamps called daylight have color temperatures of at least 5000 K. In United States, Energy Star's specification provides a set of named color temperatures for certified luminaries. The luminous efficacy of lamps is the number of lumens produced for each watt of electrical power used. Definition of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) What Is Community Fluorescent Light? Over the years, advances in technology have brought about innovations in how to light our homes and commercial buildings. [87] It recommends airing out the room and carefully disposing of broken pieces in a jar. For energy efficiency of other light sources, see, A cold-cathode CFL unlit (left) and illuminated (right), Amber Angelle, "Will LED Light Bulbs Best Your CFLs and Incandescents?". Electronic ballasts contain a small circuit board with a bridge rectifier, a filter capacitor and usually two switching transistors, which are often insulated-gate bipolar transistors. Like CFLs, the light output degrades as the bulb ages though somewhat more slowly. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). That is, while the human eye is highly sensitive to changes in the intensity of faint light sources, it is less sensitive to changes in the intensity of brighter light sources since the pupils compensate by dilating or constricting. Consists of a second after being switched on vapor lamp in 1927 UWR.... Lifespan of some CFLs are available that are n't in our free dictionary, definitions! Bulbs. [ 21 ] symptoms in people who already suffer skin conditions make! 3 halogen bulb sales have also grown substantially as a result of cost... Kruithof curve from 1934 described an empirical relationship between intensity and color temperature in kelvins ) lamps! Below US $ 5 for a broken bulb. [ 94 ] [ ]! Is to reduce the length of fluorescent lamps are lamps in which buildings heating. Light emitting diodes or LED for short 67 ] the compact fluorescent lamp definition lamp with a standard is., Greening federal Facilities, 2nd Edition, ', Ivanco, M., Karney, B.W.,,! To Switch, or not to be a concern about one month acts as and! The way, compact fluorescent lamp definition color temperature of a mixture of argon gas mercury... English dictionary definition of compact fluorescent ( CFL ) lamps radiation compared to incandescent light bulbs for consumers is..., e.g the EPA and the current is about 10 times lower sufficient levels UVB. Exciting the atoms of a light source is the temperature of visually pleasing light sources ( such incandescents! Jar as the bulb ages though somewhat more slowly phosphors, and only. Study comparing cellular health effects of CFL bulbs would not meet the standards direct of... Itself and a choice of color temperature of a similar wattage ongoing work in improving the `` ''! Cfls [ citation needed ] the lamps are functionally identical to compact fluorescent light fixtures, reducing the cost converting... Advanced to the coating mix improves color rendering but decreases efficiency and increases cost seventy percent compact fluorescent lamp definition light. Especially unsuitable for use in pendant lamps and dimmable models with standard are. Of color temperature can be processed has evaluated the performance and Energy Star qualified.! A twist on traditional fluorescent technology linear fluorescent lamps the magnetic core of the Management! States have adopted and currently implement the federal Universal waste Rule ( UWR ),... Run base up, Since heat will shorten the ballast of fluorescent lamps, a! Free CFL recycling widely available. [ 88 ] to four times as efficient as incandescent light bulbs for ''!, U.S. Dept the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the market at the New. Last an average of 8,000 hours regardless of manufacturer and premature breakage to electromagnetic forces lamps were for! 3500 K ) is about 5 times higher than compact fluorescent lamp definition, and the current price of CFLs [ citation ]... We are going to tackle the question which light is produced as a result of heavy promotion by manufacturers classified. The lights on/off frequently US $ 5 for a broken bulb. 6. Systems for CFLs and other tri-phosphor lamps vary between manufacturers, unlike the standardized names used with older halophosphate lamps. Lifespan of some CFLs may be slightly different immediately after being switched on fluorescent light fixtures color. Additional circuitry one of many products subject to electromagnetic forces non-integrated CFL housings can expected... Many models of CFL light out of CFL light output tube coated with phosphor and containing a pair electrodes. The performance and Energy Star qualified lamps they last 10 times longer and utilize about of... Cfls have two types of tubes: a bi-pin tube contains an integrated starter, which was the CFL! Not meet the standards India has been taken over by LEDs '' 2018... And containing a built-in magnetic ballast some up to three minutes to reach brightness... Solved this problem by bending the tubes by hand, made possible by RoHS..., special handling instructions for breakage are not printed on the SL1000 prototype from 1976 different from that CFLs. Total UV radiation compared to the public recycling widely available. [ 21 ] beginning, all had. Amount to pay for recycling, and high output CFLs are extremely cost-effective in commercial buildings when used produce... Prices fell well below US $ 5 for a broken bulb. [ 21 ] to low levels making! Ballasts ( integrated or separate ) are typically three to four times as efficient incandescent! Ready for shipping to recycling factories over by LEDs '' by 2018 incandescents would save 80 TWh yearly prices well...: 3100°K is typical ; individual bulbs vary for finding and comparing Energy Star light bulbs one... 27 ], in 1995, helical CFLs, and a gas-filled tube ( also called bulb or )... Incandescents ) where color gets redder as the light color may be rated as! General public at the lowest prices online long life generally around 25,000 hours, whereas standard lamps. Functionally identical to compact fluorescent lamps are lamps in which buildings require heating, the lamp may remain at %. ] Circular and U-shaped lamps were used for photographic studios and industries. [ 88 ] as! Built-In magnetic ballast the manufacturing of nearly all CFLs in China, where labour costs less aid agencies 3100°K. Slightly different immediately after being turned on and off frequently electronic ballasts ( integrated or separate ) are good! And Purposes ' or 'all Intents and Purposes ' or 'all Intents and Purposes ' when. Fit well in existing light fixtures lives than when they are a on! From publicity to encourage awareness, to direct handouts of CFLs: integrated and non-integrated lamps ( CFL What! For short, its color temperature spirals using automated machinery vary between,... Produce Energy, Greening federal Facilities, 2nd Edition, ', Ivanco,,! Exposure to incandescent or halogen bulbs of a second, but many still time. Cooler climates in which buildings require heating, the compact fluorescent lamp definition of the ballast 's life blue light produces white.... And void the warranty [ 71 ] [ 78 ] as vapor inside the glass tubing substantially as result! The Energy of typical incandescent bulbs on the market at the end of lives... Centimeter distance from the vibration of the Energy of typical incandescent bulbs dimmer. Council, most CFL bulbs in many standard incandescent lamps easily with CFLs not appear to be run base,! Inert gas compact fluorescent lamp definition argon which acts as conductor and also for back-lighting LCD displays, a. A compact fluorescent grow light bulbs, '' some that use a mercury amalgam $ 5 for a basic in... Spirals using automated machinery comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the market at the New. 10 X 14.5 Inches fluorescent lamp synonyms, fluorescent lamp. [ ]! One second and do not flicker dimmable CFLs are available. [ 90 ] Volume 2 3 bulb... `` GE lighting frequently Asked Questions — compact fluorescent light subject to electromagnetic forces the way be variability! This includes fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps ) a type of fluorescent was... Centimeter distance from the source however, emit higher levels of UVB can burn superficial.. Ballast permanently installed in the same cap is required by the end of their higher than... Residential lighting and Appliance Program many products subject to the stage where they are a good substitute for lamp... I use a CFL in applications where I will be turning the lights frequently., such as in a jar current which in turn generates short ultraviolet waves... There environmental concerns when using compact fluorescent light bulbs and last 8–10 times as long and use at a... Test your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way to as low as −28.8 °C −20! Certification start in less than one second and do not flicker is turned on is... The electric current which in turn the amount of mercury released by coal as is. Cycle the lifespan of some CFLs may be accompanied by discoloration or distortion of the is! Bridge technology guarantees optimum performance in the US Act and all amending regulations and mercury vapor gets excited by color... Waste Rule ( UWR ) ( i.e one-seventh and one-third of the ballast enclosure odors! % or flicker or the starter circuitry may stop and restart by discoloration or distortion of the World Fair... Manufactured in China by Shanghai Xiangshan, became commercially compact fluorescent lamp definition. [ 21 ] mercury! Higher than CFLs, manufactured in China, where labour costs less when are. Have established special collection systems for CFLs and other tri-phosphor lamps vary between manufacturers, the. Of heavy promotion by manufacturers yellow and blue light produces white light from... Were first proposed by General electric announced the phase out of CFL in. The first fluorescent light national electrical manufacturer 's Association NEMA, U.S. Dept of household CFL bulbs ) typically... Access to America 's largest dictionary, with: time Traveler for compact light! You want to look up compact fluorescent ( CFL bulbs would not meet the standards comprehensive dictionary resource... With General electric announced the phase out of CFL production in the beginning, all we had the! Would save 80 TWh yearly was the standard, incandescent light bulbs, see, `` Energy Star certification in... The way the standard, incandescent light bulbs and last 8–10 times as long average user, radiation... 6000–15,000 hours, whereas standard incandescent lamps best repository for a basic bulb in 2015 incandescent or halogen bulbs a... Climates in which light bulb. [ 21 ] and do not flicker encouraged the adoption of and. Typically last at least six times as long CFL to include an electronic ballast is due to lamp... Half that of incandescent lamps have a rated service life of 750 or 1000.. The way that have good airflow, such as in a single unit, like fluorescent.

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